Junior Summer Camp

Junior Summer Camp - Apopka / Wekiva

Girl in StarChild Academy's Summer Camp Program
NEW PROGRAM:  Junior Summer Camp

Educators know that young children can learn new concepts quickly.  However, they also know that children can forget concepts as quickly as they learn them if they do not continue to review.  During the summer, the students entering kindergarten in August will continue in a structured learning environment, but at a more relaxed pace.  They will review concepts and continue with their reading and writing exercises so that when they enter kindergarten in August they will be well prepared for the next step in their educational journey.  StarChild Academy's Junior Summer Camp curriculum includes:
  •  Open Court Reading Comprehension Program
  •  Saxon Math
  •  Foreign Languages
  •  Summer fun related art projects and crafts.
  •  Guest Speakers such as magicians, animal trainers, Science Center on-site instructors, Central Florida Zoo on-site instructors, and more.
  •  Summer fun related activities such as water slides, petting zoos, game trucks, bounce houses, and more. 
Due to our past experiences with this age group, we do not include this group in our active summer camp field trip program. 
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